Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Working for the Man

I have worked a lot of overtime in the last week. It’s been mostly small stuff that has been keeping me busy. We’ve had a couple of house fires that got going pretty good. We had a 55 Division Sergeant that crashed on the way to a call. We even had a nice fraud story that included 11Division MCU doing 5 early morning search warrants. They were credit card skimmers who were targeting high end clients of a spa in Yorkville.

It was not a good week for the Jane and Finch neighborhood. Two shootings at 15 Tobermory started things off. Then Peter Bowen, aged 20, was shot and killed at 345 Driftwood. Peter’s death didn’t get much play in the media. It happened on a busy news day and was basically trumped on many newscasts by a shooting on a TTC bus. The victim on the bus sustained non-life threatening injuries but whenever a shooting takes place on a bus it is big news.
I don’t know if the shootings at Jane and Finch are connected at all, but I heard a cop tonight saying that a feud is ongoing between the guys from Tobermory and the guys from Driftwood. This is a very dangerous neighborhood.
Note to Self: If you’re going to get shot … do it on a TTC bus.

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