Monday, August 31, 2009

First Shift Back After Crash

About two weeks ago I got a close up look at the front of a moving truck. It is alleged that a truck driver didn’t stop for a red light and that he didn’t hold the proper DZ license for the truck, instead only holding a G license. I was told by police that he was given over $700 in tickets.

I had a brief visit to Credit Valley Hospital. Two weeks later I still have aches and pains but seem to be on the mend. Thank you to those that heard about the accident through the grapevine and called or emailed with best wishes. The first few days after the crash were a bit rough. I spent most of that time on the couch chewing Tylenol 3.

Last night was my first shift back. It was pretty quiet except for the guy who took a baseball bat to the head on King West. I caught a shot of him as he arrived at St. Mike’s and headed over to the scene after that.

I want to wish everyone at CBC Toronto News the best of luck. Today is the first day for the new 90 minute newscast from 5pm until 6:30pm. It will essentially be three half hours newscasts, so if you can’t catch the early start tune in at 6pm for all the latest news of the day.


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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunrise in the City

As seen from Lakeshore and Manitoba Aug. 14/09 6:00am
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Happy Friday

Last night I drank too much coffee and drove laps around the city. Tonight I barely got in the car and it was game on. I shot four tapes including two seperate shootings and two stabbings. Too many people with extra holes in them tonight. Coppers in 12 Div had a guy shot in the stomach on Trethewey near Jane St. The other shooting was in 13 Div on Eglinton near Dufferin. That guy was shot while in his apartment above a store. He was able to give the cops a pretty good description of the shooter. The stabbings were in Etobicoke and downtown in 51 Div. I don't think either is life threatening.

I'm moving into the new house in a week so I'll be packing all weekend but we might take a little break and go to the movies. The movie District 9 looks pretty good.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Four Alarm Fire in Toronto

A huge 4+ alarm fire in Toronto overnight has destroyed two commercial building on Danforth at Main St and caused area residents to be evacuated. The fire started in an automotive shop with flames already through the roof on arrival. Within 15 minutes the fire has spread to a second commercial building to the south and nearby Stephenson Ave was evacuated. Police went door to door asking people to leave as soon as they could. Firefighters hosed down a nearby apartment building fearing it would also catch fire.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Toronto Homicide

One man is dead, another shot and in hospital, after an early morning shooting in Yorkville. The dead man may have been visiting for Carabana from the Montreal area. Police are on the scene this morning investigating and questioning witnesses.
Police had a massive presence in the downtown area overnight due to Carabana Weekend. They say although officers were on scene in minutes they just can't be everywhere.

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