Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday

Last night I drank too much coffee and drove laps around the city. Tonight I barely got in the car and it was game on. I shot four tapes including two seperate shootings and two stabbings. Too many people with extra holes in them tonight. Coppers in 12 Div had a guy shot in the stomach on Trethewey near Jane St. The other shooting was in 13 Div on Eglinton near Dufferin. That guy was shot while in his apartment above a store. He was able to give the cops a pretty good description of the shooter. The stabbings were in Etobicoke and downtown in 51 Div. I don't think either is life threatening.

I'm moving into the new house in a week so I'll be packing all weekend but we might take a little break and go to the movies. The movie District 9 looks pretty good.
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