Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Last Sunday of Summer 2009

Had a great day today as I went for a nice walk with my daughter along The Credit River. We are new to this area so we hadn't been down here before. It's really a great spot. The weather was pleasant and not too hot which made it comfortable for walking. I remembered my younger years when we used to fish for salmon on The Credit River. Now I have to get some sleep so I can chase some news tonight on the night shift. Weekends go by really fast as I sleep some of Friday during the day, have all Saturday to enjoy and only half of Sunday before I have to get to sleep. It would be great to work 4 days 10 hours per day.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Former AG charged in fatal accident.

I started a little early last night and went to a serious cyclist struck on Bloor near Bay. I was shooting the convertible Saab that was involved and also grabbed shots of the driver. It seemed like a possible fatal accident but ended up being a high profile arrest. The driver was former AG of Ontario Michael Bryant. The story ended up being huge. It reminded me that you just never know the story behind the story and how things can change so much in just a few hours.