Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mustang Slams Into Wall

TFD and EMS work to free two victims pinned after a craash on Finch Ave West near Keele St overnight. @vaughanweather and @gtanews look on from the side lines. I also shot two seperate stabbings in opposite ends of the GTA. One was Winston Churchill and Hwy 403 and the other was Meadowvale Rd and Sheppard in Scarborough. I also went to the Brook and St. Mike's. I think I did all four corners of the GTA. One more shift until the weekend.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Shots Fired. Rush the Ambulance!

Police shot and killed a man last night at Cheery St and Commisioners St. I was actually in Etobicoke when they were involved in a chase. The chase was called off after the driver ran several red lights. He was last seen into the Port Lands. That was his biggest mistake as it only has three ways in and out. Police confronted him again on Commissioners St. and he failed to stop, striking one officer with his car. Shots were fired and the man was killed. SIU is now on the scene investigating.

Nothing is more stressful than listening to these words crackle out of your scanner. “Shots Fired! We need an ambulance.”

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Shooting Scene 1050 Brock Road Pickering
Thursday night shifts are always easy to take. I start at 9:15pm and by 5:30am Friday morning it's the weekend for me. We had only one decent call last night and that was for a shooting in Durham Region on Brock Rd in Pickering. I grabbed a shot of the victim arriving at Sunnybrook and headed to the seen. Not such a good night for the guy who got shot. The good news is that I found a giant rocking chair right across the street from the shooting scene. It begged for a photo. You can click on the images to enlarge them.
You Rock My World Baby

Thursday, April 15, 2010

DVP Closed All Night

The DVP is busy at the best of times. It's a major problem when it has to be shut down. That's what happened last night just after midnight, after a three car rear end crash. An 18 year old women was trapped in one car and had to be cut out with the jaws of life. @trafficservices then needed to do full traffic reconstruction. The road was re-opened part way through the morning rush hour. Never a dull moment in the big city.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steeles and Birchmount Accident

Here's a couple of shots from an accident this morning on Steeles at Birchmount. Witnesses say the SUV may have run a red light and t-boned the minivan. Looking at the wreck you can see it doesn't look good for the driver of the van. The whole driver's side was caved in. The intersection was closed for reconstruction by @TrafficServices. A red light camera at the intersection may have caught images of the accident.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Crash Kills 17 Year Old Driver

Peel Police are investigating an accident that killed a 17 year old boy last night in Mississauga. A car was west bound on Drew Rd when it left the road, destroyed a bus shelter and hit a tree. The driver was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. Police are asking for anyone that was in the area last evening, who may have scene anything, to call Peel Police Major Collision Bureau.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Police Pursuit and Crash

I’ve been covering news since 1987 and have never witnessed what I saw last night. Sure, I’ve been to police chases before, some of them fatal. I’ve seen people trapped in bad wrecks. I’ve seen teenagers ejected in crashes because they didn’t wear seat belts. Last night after 30 minutes working with the Jaws of Life to free a young girl trapped in a car the unexpected happened. A spark ignited leaking gas and in seconds firefighters were frantically trying to extinguish a fire that threatened the young girl trapped in the back seat. The firefighter worked really fast to put out the flames and it really was all over in about 15 seconds but it took my breath away, in a way that news seldom does after 23 years on the job.

The SIU may not be saying much but it’s no secret. The accident occurred within seconds of the first radio transmission. An officer was following a vehicle that was not stopping when attempting to pull it over. Before the usual questions could even be asked, speed, licence plate, description …. It was over. As the minivan approached the intersection of Albion and Highway 27 the van struck two vehicles, one worse than the other, trapping a nine year old girl in the back seat of the crushed wreckage. We could hear her crying in pain as they attended to her father who was bleeding and shaken.

From the minivan, police will allege that one male ran from the scene, the other who appeared incoherent, arrested right away. The runner didn’t make it far. Within moments they were both cuffed, of little consolation to the victims now being rushed to local hospitals. Today the details are sketchy in the news media. SIU is on the case. The facts will emerge at a snails pace. Police are forced to say nothing until SIU completes the investigation, although I would guess they would like the public to know what really happened. I think they did a great job, balancing the need to apprehend with the need for public safety. Although this incident was barely long enough to be called a pursuit, police call off most chases within minutes or at the first sign of erratic driving, a fact too well known among those trying to avoid apprehension.
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Early Morning Fire Hits Queen West

Four alarm fire destroys a 3 storey apartment building on Lisgar St in 14 Division. Queen West was closed due to smoke conditions and traffic issues. It looked like they had this one licked but it got into the walls and up to an add-on on the third floor. Two treated for minor injuries. As many as six apartments are left heavily damaged.

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