Thursday, June 19, 2014

Armoured Truck Guards Ambushed by Gunmen

Well that was a shift I won't soon forget. I was nearby as an armoured cash truck was robbed. Police say the guards were ambushed as soon as they stepped out of the vehicle. 

One guard was shot four times. His partner was able to get back into the truck only because the bandits jumped the gun. They descended on the victims before one guard was completely out of the truck, giving him the chance to get back in and lock it down. 

Hats off to local cops and specialized TAVIS units who headed straight for nearby Lawrence Heights, a high crime housing project affectionately known as The Jungle to police and residents. 

Police were able to arrest three 18 year old men and recover one firearm. The suspects hands can be seen in the photos being covered with evidence bags to preserve gunshot residue.  

Police say the suspects had fled the scene on foot. They looked exhausted as they were arrested after 30 minutes and some 3km's away. 

They face attempted murder charges as well as numerous armed robbery offences. The kicker is they tried to rob the exact same two guards in a botched robbery on Jun 5th.