Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early Start In Scarborough

Homicide 11 Antrim Cres. Man found in Apt 109 with gun shot wound to the chest. Pronounced on scene. I hardly had time to eat that second piece of birthday cake when it was time to hit the road and get to work. I just finished an interview with homicide. They are not saying much. The man was 30 years old and was shot inside the apartment. Three men fled after the shooting. Detectives gave no indication what preceded the shooting. Nothing left to do but wait for the body removal shot. While waiting I heard a call around the corner for a person with a gun. A male had pointed a handgun at the owner of a cafe when he was asked to leave. Police initiated a high risk take down on Ellesmere just west of Kennedy Rd. One replica hand gun was recovered. Two in custody and one vehicle towed. Maybe that fake gun wasn't such a good idea after all.

Gas station robbers are at it again tonight. They hit one on Warden around 9:30pm and then one in York Region around 10:30pm. They must not get much cash from these jobs. They hit a third sation in Etobicoke a little later. Always two or three bandits masked up and brandishing knives. Cops suspect a get away car sits near by. Black males with dark clothes and hoodies brandishing alarge butcher knife.

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