Monday, February 9, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Last night was a pretty quiet Sunday night shift. The news business is strange indeed. Two items that I shot on Thursday night didn’t make the show. This is surprising as one was a shooting, which you would just assume would make the cut. The problem is time was very tight and Friday was a busy news day. In comparison, today was a quiet news day, so two smaller item got on the show. The first happened right around midnight when an elderly man was struck by a car on Pape, outside the subway station. He had severe leg injuries and possible head injuries. He was in his late seventies so that is cause for concern.

The second incident was a holdup at an Esso gas bar on St.Clair around Danforth Road. Police think this may have been the work of a duo that have been busy the last couple of weeks. They are usually armed with knives and take the whole cash tray and put it into a laptop style should bag. They are alleged to have hit several gas bars around town. I’m sure these robberies are just terrifying for the poor attendant who gets the knife stuck in his face. They are usually made to lie down while they make an escape. This doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, possibly due to the use of knives versus guns.

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