Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Midweek Mayhem in Midtown.

It was a pretty busy night last night. It still amazes me how I sit around and it’s nice and quiet and then boom, it gets really busy and it’s game on. Last night I was sitting in the parking lot of Yorkdale, enjoying a coffee with Tom from CP24 and Jason from Global. We were parked near the 401 side of the mall lot when a hotshot came across the radio for an attempted robbery at Yorkdale subway station. We were on scene in about 20 seconds but the culprits were already long gone. This is the second night in a row that a subway station collector has been robbed at gunpoint. It seems this time they missed the money. I will not get into details but I’m guessing TTC staff was already on alert. The night before bandits had hit the Lawrence subway, just about 1km away. Note to all TTC staff; be on the lookout for shotgun toting visitors. Seems they have found out TTC stops make better targets than gas stations.

I was at the DVP and York Mills when a fire call came in for Spencer Ave. It’s always so hard not to speed on the highway when you find yourself 10-15 minutes out and you hear the first cop on scene say that the fire is a big one. Then he starts closing roads which only makes getting there that much harder. I actually made good time and you could still see flames when I arrived. The Fire Marshall has been called in to investigate the cause and both sides of the semi-detached were damaged extensively.

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