Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Most Media Outlets Now Twitter

A tragic fire has claimed two lives in Toronto. News spreads quickly in a big city with all news radio and 24 hour news television. It was interesting to note that this story hit the Internet via Twitter within minutes, posted by 1010 CFRB radio. Almost every outlet in the city now posts on Twitter. The only one I can’t find is 680 News Radio. I follow just about everyone and when I wake up and start preparing for my nightshift as a TV Cameraman, I always check the tweets on Twitter to get up to date fast. That way I don’t have to visit 10 different web pages.

Twitter is a social network that allows users to post via 140 character text messages, giving up to the minute play by play on what they are doing, or in this case what news is happening. I also tweet through the night mostly just to keep me awake.My Twitter posts are also my Facebook status updates thanks to a add-on application.  Twtter on your Crackberry  My little world on Twitter

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