Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vault Explosion

Hydro vault explosion at 3650 Kingston Rd. in a high rise building. Hundreds evacuated about 2:30am after two explosions rocked the neighbourhood. Residents report lights were flickering on and off for hours before the fire alarms sounded. Shortly after that two explosions rocked the building. Nearby police officers reported feeling the blasts. One door of the vault was found across the parking lot about 50 meters away. Two vaults have exploded. One at ground level and one inside the underground garage. Hydro crews report heavy damage below ground. Very little visible damage at ground level but you can see the one vault with doors blown off. Hydro will not be restored any time soon. TTC buses brought in for residents. I have several good clips for radio. Video is babies in blankets and seniors being assisted by first responders.

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