Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20's Over Now Get Back To Work

The G20 fences are coming down. The world leaders have all gone home. Last night saw a small group of activists holding a vigil at the temporary jail on Eastern Ave. When the sun rose the jail was empty, closed down after releasing or processing the last of the 900 Torontonimo Detainees. The number of people arrested is shocking. It was the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Clearly Toronto Police brass sent out the order. Arrest them all! Even people waiting for buses or jogging got in on the free rides to jail. The frontline officers were left to carry out the orders. They worked like dogs through heat, humidity and rain storms, while it was clear to see that many were not comfortable with the orders.

So I started my night with some solidarity songs on Eastern Ave and never stopped all night long. Two fires, a crash that sent eight to hospital, a man stabbed confronting a car thief and finally a murder in 23 division. A woman was found at 390 Dixon Rd suffering from multiple stab wounds. EMS rushed to the scene but she did not survive. Minutes later a man, who police say may be the prime suspect, walked in front of a tractor trailer on highway 401 east at Dixon Rd.

It’s Toronto, it’s the night shift and the fun never stops.
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