Monday, June 21, 2010

Fortress Toronto

We are now just days away from the G20 Summit in Toronto. I was asked to grab some video overnight as workers put the finishing touches on the fences. I also saw large groups of RCMP officers walking around downtown. To me they seemed to be just familiarizing themselves with the lay of the land. I saw one group as far north as Yonge and Bloor.

Also lots of undercover cops in unmarked cars around the city. That's not suprising I guess. I know they have been watching some of the groups that may protest for at least a month now. I ran into a few one morning in 52 division. I will not say where they were but it's safe to say they have been watching potential trouble makers for weeks now.

Here's a few still shots of what downtown Toronto looked like around 6am this Monday morning.

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