Friday, January 30, 2009

It's not guns that kill people. It's those little bullets.

Hi Mom? Listen, I have something to tell you. I was at the movies and when we came out this guy offered to drive us to the subway station. We were in the car and the police tried to stop us. He wouldn't pull over and we were like, pull over, what are you doing? He stopped but he ran away and the police are chasing him. They found some stuff in the car.

The stuff was a handgun under the driver’s seat. The young lady went on to assure her mom that she didn’t know the guy. I have a feeling that her mom didn’t believe her. We got a good laugh listening to her call, although it was probably no laughing matter for her or her friends and the other moms who would get called next.

It just amazes me how many young people seem to feel they have to own a gun. I see this time and time again. The world is surely different from when I grew up. Now the police were hot on the trail of the guy who ran away. He was being tracked by Police Dog Services and the dog had a strong scent.

“I have a guy here who has been shot. Can you get me an ambulance?”

Just a few kilometers away at West Mall and Burnhamthorpe Rd, the call was in for a shooting. We ran for our cars and headed to the scene. I arrived in just enough time to get a shot of the victim being treated in the back of the ambulance. They didn’t waste any time in loading him up and rushing off to the trauma centre.
As we headed back to our original call on Islington near Bloor, the ETF had joined the search with Canine and they continued to track the suspect through back yards. Wouldn’t you know it, after about two hours they got the guy. He looked pretty cold and was shivering like crazy, but after a quick check by Tactical Ambulance he was off to a cozy cell over at 22 division. I think the guy may have actually been glad to get in that warm police cruiser.

It has been a really busy week, bad weather and way too many bitterly cold nights. Thank God it’s Friday.

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  1. Great job on the canine tracking!!!