Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

It has been some time since I posted to my blog. I was asked to go on a day shift for seven weeks and was operating a live truck for a little while. I’m happy to be working and that I have skills that allow me to move around a little bit. I don’t really mind doing the live truck but I don’t find it to be very creative or exciting. It doesn’t get my juices flowing the way the night shift does.

Things are getting back on schedule now. I’m back on nights and my sleeping is slowly becoming regular again. I usually sleep a little in the morning and then a few more hours before my shift starts. It seems to work well for me and the goal is simply to not be consumed by my sleep patterns. I don’t want to be constantly worrying about how much sleep I’m getting or be getting overly sleepy during my shift.

It has been fairly quiet the last little while. Leading up to Christmas we have had a fatal fire out in Oakville. It’s always sad to cover these events so close to the holidays and for some reason we seem to see more of them this time of year.

Peel Region was first out of the gate in the GTA with a homicide. A young women was killed in a store in Malton, right on Airport Rd. near Derry. Metro followed closely behind with a man shot in the head outside a massage parlour. These rub and tugs attract a lot of scumbags and many times robberies in and around these places go unreported, for obvious reasons.

I’ve been off for a couple of four day stretches over Christmas and New Year and I’m back at it again tomorrow night. Happy Holidays everyone.

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