Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nature Walk in Cootes Paradise Sept 1st 2013

Went for a great nature walk today with Filipe Lameira at Cootes Paradise. I brought the coffees and we met at 7am. Just a great morning away from all the crime and stuff I am usually taking photos of. 

Thanks Filipe Lameira for introducing me to Geocaching. It's like treasure hunt with your phone and the GPS. You use an app to put you close to a hidden treasure then narrow in on it with good old fashion searching. 

We found a large ammo box with tons of trinkets in it. It had been found many times before. Each person notes the date they found it and if they left or took anything in a small notebook inside. 

Phil tells me they can sometimes be as small as a film canister and really hard to find. 

I find this fascinating and could really get hooked on the chase/hunt aspect of it. 

It's just the same reason I love my job and searching for news or photos out on a nature trail. 

Our box had all sorts of things inside it. We took nothing but left something for the next person to find. 
Geocaching. Find an app for your phone and give it a try. 

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