Thursday, September 30, 2010

Double Murder on Weston Road

TPS secure the scene as EMS rush a victim to hospital
I had only just started my shift when the call came in for a double shooting on Weston Rd near Lawrence. I was on scene within minutes and rolled as both victims were rushed to hospital. Both men later died. This is Toronto's 43rd and 44th homicide of the year. Life in the big city.
TFD and EMS fight to save a shooting victim


  1. Heard the last two shots, I live approximately 60-70 meters away. Was watching TV and thought I heard shots. I hit the mute and heard the final two tap taps. Went and had a look. Ugly mess.

  2. There was two separate memorial set upa for both victims at the crime scene shortly after police released the area. Sometime last week all was removed. Who? Why?