Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Dead and Five Others Shot in Two Seperate Incidents

I don't usually work weekends but I just had a feeling this might be a busy one. I went out on Friday night and got a nice little story about three guys arrested with a Tec 9 machine gun in Rexdale. Thanks to the TAVIS units for showing me the gun and congrats on the pinch. I rushed that back for the 10:55pm news update. They were happy to have it. So with my sleep a little off I decide to go out again Saturday night and go fishing for overtime. It was quiet until about 3am. Police got a call for a shooting on Bay st. that quickly turned into a homicide. Cops are looking for 2 stretch limos and a black s.u.v. seen leaving the scene. A gun was recovered just down the street from the victim, most likely discarded by the shooter.

About 15 minutes later cops in 41 division got into the action with multiple shooting victims on Ellesmere Rd near Midland Ave. Two victims were rushed to Sunnybrook and one was taken to St. Mike's. It didn't take long before two others showed up at other hospitals. So a total of five victims in this bit of gun play. The last photo shows the usual suspects Jeremy, John and Pete at the Bay St. homicide. You'll find them at most yellow crime tape lines around the GTA on weekends.
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  1. I live in 1001 Bay, directly above the shooting. I heard about 5 or 6 shots, rushed to the window. Saw a figure fleeing nw into St. Basil's parkette. Also saw a white stretch limo.

  2. I'm sure police would like to hear from you about what you saw. TPS 416-808-5201