Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pandemic Alert

Last night when I went to bed Newsworld was reporting 60 deaths in Mexico due to swine flu. This morning I find that number has already increased to 81. A quick scan of Google news headlines revealed that governments around the world are on high alert and this thing is spreading rapidly. We now have suspected cases in New Zealand, France, Israel and America. Video from Asia this morning shows people being video taped and checked as they arrive off planes at the airport. President Obama was just in Mexico the other day. He was given a tour of a Mexico City museum by Felipe Solis who dies the next day with flu like symptoms.

The Philippines is the latest country to implement thermal screening, using special cameras to spot travelers that have a fever as they emerge from aircraft at airports. They are also asking citizens not to shake hands, to keep their mouths covered and not to kiss each other on the cheeks as a greeting. Mexico says 1,324 patients with flu symptoms are also under observation. There have been 11 confirmed cases of swine flu in the United States - in New York City, California and Kansas.

So far Canada has no reported cases. I must admit that all this news really has my head spinning. The big question being how bad will this outbreak get?

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