Friday, September 19, 2008

It has been a very busy week. Guns are back in the headlines after we had a real spree of shootings and murders this past week. Seems that the young kid who got shot at school was actually not such an innocent victim after all. In fact, he and his friends were robbing another kid when that kid grabbed for the gun. A struggle led to shots being fired and a bullet struck him, from his own friend’s gun. They should charge them all as adults and send them off to the big house for a few years. The amount of guns in the city is a joke. The only way you will even put a dent in this is to allow drastic measures. I agree with a newspaper writer who says we should give huge rewards for snitches. Money talks with most people. Then anyone who carries an illegal gun should be jailed for a long time. Lastly, allow police more power stop and search vehicles, people and homes.

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